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carrying corn. it happened in this incorporated area of east contra costa county. passengers tell us they felt the train shudder. the impact scared passengers, some of whom panicked. this doctor helped the pregnant woman when the woman started screaming. >> i got so scared. >> it was panicked. no one heard anything for 10, 15 minutes when they announced it on the speakers. >> i was falling asleep and i saw the jerk and i freaked out a little bit. >> just a little bit? >> a lot, actually. >> the fire chief tells us that 35 people were injured. >> approximately 35 victims have been injured in the collision from minor to moderate injuries. they are currently being triaged and transported to local hospitals. >> the driver and a passenger of the truck the train hit are uninjured. >> now, this is what the scene looks like live from sky 7. there are four fire trucks and 10 ambulances were distach patched. -- dispatched. they have not moved since the accident. there are 100 emergency personnel on scene. we are told that amtrak police are investigating the accident. we asked, but we don't kno
much of downtown oakland. earlier today police used loud speakers telling demonstrators to qleer the area around city hall. when that didn't happen, this is what happened next. police warned the crowd they would use teargas if if the protesters didn't leave, and they kept their promise. they were choking teargas near oakland city hall. this took place at 7:45 and scattered several blocks away. this was not the first time demonstrators tangled with police today. around 6:00 police used flash bang grenades after demonstrators swarmed around a handful of officers trying to make an arrest on washington and a street. demonstrators flung paint and other objects at the officers until reinforcement moved in and pushed the crowd back. a few moments earlier around 5:30, the several hundred marchers hit a wall of marcherswho prevented the demonstrators from reaching police headquarters. there was pushing and shoving with officers arresting a man and woman. the march was loud, but peaceful when it kicked off from the oakland library around 4:00 this afternoon. they were upset that the occupy
at the station for us with the latest. alan? >> carolyn, we are a few blocks away from the oakland amtrak station where a major emergency response is taking place. you can look down there. the olympic -- the oakland fire department says 18 people were injured. we are told one of the trains was boarding and de boarding when another amtrak train on the same track slammed into it. the impact derailed one of the trains and now railroad inspectors are trying to figure out how this all happened. we are told it was the pacific starlight from seattle to l.a. that struck the other amtrak train that we have not been able to identify yet. the rare road worker said the mechanism was not activated and it is still in the wrong position that lead these two trains to collide. again coming back, the oakland fire department says at least 18 passengers have been injured in this collision of two amtrak trains. the railroad inspectors have arrived and they are trying to figure out how exactly this happened. for now alan wang repo
tree way. lillian kim is there live. lillian take us through what happened here? >>reporter: dan, investigators are still here collecting evidence. shooting happened behind me on lemon tree court just off lemon tree way. antioch police say the man officers shot and killed was a parolee with a gun. neighbors say police gave ample warning to the man they had chased that the antioch neighborhood. >> i was right there and i heard everything. >>reporter: what did you hear them say. telling him to put it down and to, let it go and just get on the ground. but he wasn't listening. >>reporter: that's when soon after they heard a series of gunshots. >> i heard like i think it was cops yelling at him. like saying get down or something and then i just heard like 3 gunshots and then i heard like 12 after that. >>reporter: family member says the man antioch police shot and killed was 33-year-old josh peterson. who lived less an block away from where he was gunned down. antioch police say officers came face-to-face with him after having received a report of a fumingtive in the area.
a year in profit they make, and that money i think should be used or portions should be used to cover the cost of their negligence. >> the san mateo assembly member says it is unconscionable that pg&e would pass 90% of the cost to its customers. but a pg&e spokesperson explained to abc7, "that's how we recover costs for this type of work." the shareholders normally would have paid less than the 10% it is proposing to pay. 234* fact, normally it would have all been covered by customer rates. hill also points out that pg&e receives an 11.35% rate of return on its work. one of the highest in the country. >> perhaps we should look at that rate of return and see if that is appropriate today. they will with that new rate of return and with the fact that they are a liability that will cover the costs they would and conceivably could make a profit on the destruction of san bruno. >> and $350 million of the $2.2 billion upgrade is for unanticipated costs. >> about $350 million of the $2.2 billion is for contingency. well, we shouldn't be paying it up front if they miss -- if they estimate the
a good amount of wind and rain overnight. >> sand yaw patel is tracking it all on radar for us. -- sandhya patel is tracking it for us. >> the wind and the rain are beginning to intensity. you will see that all of the bay area is covered in green. it is just an indication that the rain has begun to spread. look at the wind. half moon bay is gusting to 28 miles an hour as the cold front approaches. and i just want to take you around the bay area and show you where we are getting some downpours from vacaville toward fairfield. you can see on the 101 getting so far a third of an inch of rain. most of the areas are less than a 10th of an inch. as you will see the sierra nevada is picking up some snow. there are some chain controls around highway four if you are heading in that direction in advance of this storm. snow will be amounting to about a foot or more in the high country. rain here in the bay area will be counting in inches. i will be back with a look at your morning forecast and talk about the thunderstorm probability in a few minutes. dan? >> sandhya, thanks very much. >>>
moore agreed to meet with jean quan. thomas roman is live in oakland for us and has the latest on occupy oak -- oakland. >> there were more than a thousand people gathered here talking about wednesday's proposed general strike. as you can see behind me there are still a few hundred left. the mood here is still one of enthusiastic commitment. michael moore gave a rousing speech supplying occupy oakland with a huge morale boost. >> occupy oakland. occupy everywhere. >> michael moore fired up the hundreds of people who packed the plaza this afternoon. >> in my lifetime i have never seen a movement like this take hold with this many people all across the country. >> moore was boosting morale here in the plaza and mayor quan and police chief jordan held a news con -- news conference in city hall. he was one of the vets injured in the protest. chief jordan was not able to talk to olson, but he spoke to his parents. >> let me express my sorrow for what happened. >> mayor quan says she has tried without success to talk to the occupy camp since tuesday's confrontation. quan was asked by abc7 why
's feet. >> we feel we wanted more supporters to come down here. we can make us feel more comfortable. a lot of people can't make it in that direction and we want them to see us. >> at about 8:30, they held a meeting to discuss what they would do if and when police come to enforce the 10 p.m. curfew. some will leave the park peacefully. others hillary cyst peacefully -- will resist peacefully and are ready to get arrested. at this point there is no sign of police enforcement. at least not while tv cameras are here. >> we will see what happens later on. across the bay the occupy movement is enjoying a quiet night. around 100 members of occupy sf marched to city hall demanding their first amendment rights. police tore down tents and tarps citing city rules. mayor ed lee says it has cost the city $100,000 in over time and clean up. while money is not a problem in new york city, the occupy wall street movement is taking in $8,000 a day. the movement is flush with almost a half million dollars, most from on-line donations. there is also a mountain of donated goods, enough to enable protest
. all combat troops he says will be home by christmas. not declaring victory he did say u.s. troops can leave iraq with their heads held high. >> i can report as promised the arise of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year. after nearly nine years, america's war in iraq will be over. >> the thing i wouldn't do that the president is doing is telling the enemy how many troops you are going to bring out and when you are going to bring them out. i don't think that is a good strategy. >> iraq wanted american troops to stay but they would not be immune to prosecution but some will stay to guard the embassy in baghdad. today the war has cost the lives of 4400 american fighters and more than 32,000 have been wounded. in terms of money, the united states has spent more than $700 billion on the war but the president's decision now comes the debate on the timing and what was accomplished over there. jonathan bloom is here with that story. >> the one thing that everybody seems to agree on, they are glad that our troops are coming home. as for what the war accomplished, we found op
inxd oaklad for us. allen? >>reporter: yes the first rain of the season is always a concern because that oil buildup on the roadways can turn into slicks that cause a pretty messy situation. in the north bay where roads got day long soaking the chp says they responded to more than 30 collisions. many likely caused by unsafe speeds on slick road roads. in this park a driver slammed into the back of flatbed pick up and santa rosa the truck spun out and held up traffic on highway 101. this truck rolled 30 feet down an embankment off calistoga road. >> day like today we may see a tripling or quadruple of calls for service for spin outs, for fender bender and for individual running off the roadway. >>reporter: in the east bay the arabian came later in the afternoon during rush hour. in contra costa county near martinez this suv flipped over while trying to negotiate a curve on the pacheco ramp on highway 4. in walnut creek the chp says this car ended up facing the wrong way on the ignacio ramp causing a bottle neck on interstate 6 80. but over all the chp says the east bay saw le
a newly purchased ak 47 to his friends brandon powell over the weekend. said he was going to use it on the racist people at work who were mess with him what are you doing with that. what you going to do with that. he was lick man, these bleep mate job keep messing with me. >>reporter: the deputy involved in the shooting have been identified as santiago, hilt and chris. collectively they have 7 years with the sheriff's department. live in sunnyvale, abc 7 news. >>> all right thank you. survivors of wednesday shooting continue to recover. one man tells dramatic story how he escaped being killed fromal mochbilityd ambrose yo tells us that he saw almond pull out a handgun and start firing. mike was hit in the arm and played dead until almond walked out of the room. this man romero had 2 brothers shot at the lehigh cement plan plant. 1 in good condition at the medical center and almond killed the other. romero describes that mother as man of faith. >> faithful to his company and he was a team leader over ther there. unfortunately leaders that get taken out. >>reporter: woman
. [ chanting ] >> in san diego, meantime, police use pepper spray and there are arrests. good evening, i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson has the night off. the occupied movement against corporate greed continues to grow across the country and in the bay area. in oakland, demonstrators took to the streets and tomorrow is being called an international day of action. sergio is live with the story tonight. >> reporter: i will tell you what, this group here at oakland city hall has actually been pretty quiet for most of the evening. they were conducting an improvised town hall meeting but only in the last few minutes did they turn up the turntables and it is kind of a party right now. what had been a significant demonstration on city hall became a demonstration in the street. dozens broke off from the encampment to shout and chant their message. this was a demonstration that was loud and confrontational but not violent. among those participating, stephanie and friends remained after the march was over. >> i am proud of this because we are a part of the 99% and everything is sort of set up with us at
. take us through it. >> he was attempting a flight that according to the specifications, tested the plane to its limit. the 65-year-old man was in a twin-engine cessna to hawaii this afternoon. he radioed the f.a.a. which notified the hilo coast guard to tell them the pilot was low on fuel and would then run out. >> when the pilot was approximately 400 miles out, the coast guard c-130 went out to rendezvous with him. we basically guided him in the entire way talking to him. >> before 9:00 p.m. he ditched the plane 13 miles north of the big island. >> he was able to ditch his aircraft safely and crawl out to the wing of his aircraft where a coast guard rescue swimmer from a helicopter that was trailing this entire revolution was able to get to him quickly, recover him and now they have taken him to the hilo medical center. >> this is a photo of the cessna t-310 involved. according to flight specifications it has a maximum range up to 2300 miles. the distance from monterey to hilo is 2315. he was able to ditch 13 miles short of his destination. the coast guard was monitoring the d
agents say they plan to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the u.s. a bomb was supposed to detonate in a washington, d.c. restaurant. >> when the confidential source noted that there could be 100 to 150 people in a fictional restaurant where the requested bombing would take place, the lead defendant said no problem and no big deal. >> officials say the plot was directed from iran by the country's special foreign actions unit. but he says these iranian agents are amateurs compared to the kutz. >> i watched these guys for 30 years. they don't transfer money, but they use only proxies. >> he adds that an attack on a dc restaurant is an act of war and can't see why iran would want to do that. iran denies the whole thing. he says the outraged reaction by the u.s. could be exactly what someone plotting to overthrow the iranian government would want. >>> the republican presidential hopefuls debated in new hampshire this evening and now that herman cane is climbing in the polls, the field zeroed in on the pizza business king and his 999 tax plan. factt is a catchy phrase. i thought it was t
? the cofounder of apple actually in line and told us he would be there all night. >> every single i-phone is that worthy and it made me thinking about waiting in line all night to get tickets for rolling stones in winterland so i will stay up all night for this event even though i don't have to. >> thousands waiting in line, some including the denver case company, enjoying the publicity. >> enjoying the fun that everybody will have on the streets here. >> reporter: for some, it was more some better, reflecting on steve jobs who lost his life last week. >> this is steve's show. >> it is an incremental upgrade over the previous version i-phone 4, has a little better camera, better features. >> but it has a voice activated feature that will talk to you, look up messages, answer questions. >> what is the best cell phone. >> you are kidding, right? >> , no really, what is the best cell phone. >> wait, there are other phones? >> so you can tell it has a little attitude. when we asked her what do you think of the android, she wouldn't dignify the question with an answer but tomorrow, they
saying they didn't have a right to shoot video on public property. >> people say you can't record us. you have to go. >> the arrival of three american hikers from an iranian prison altered the mood. it was first west coast appearance since being released. >> coming home to this, it really is amazing. >> we knew we never would be forgotten. a lot of prisoners don't have that. a lot of prisoners are inside and for all they know they are forgotten. >> shane bauer and josh fat al were released from prison after being charged with espionage. >> our message to everyone here in occupy oakland that occupy oakland, i supports you. >> and moments early in the day, protestors are settling in. they have been watching a documentary about a collapse of the economy. >>> across the bay, san francisco protestors are hoping for a night without any trouble with police. that is not what happened last night. lilian kim is live at justin herman plaza, all quiet so far? >> dan at this moment it is quiet. protestors have been violating curfew for an hour now. it's technically off-limits between 10:00 p.m. and 6:
't wait to get there. >> it's going to be an amazing trip back home for all of us. >> tonight we are hearing for the first time the 911 tapes from the cupertino cement plant shooting that left three people dead and six injured. an employee stormed into the plant and opened fire two weeks ago. one of the calls came from an emotional man who batched the whole thing unfold. listen. >> in the cement plant, at the quarry, somebody shoot everybody. >> how many people are shot? >> five or six. it's in the quarry. >> and everybody is on their way. hold on just a second. >> people will die. >> hold on. >> the shooter was disgruntled worker. authorities say he took his own life as police closed in on him a day after the shooting. >> san francisco's recreation and park commission has approved the naming of the park. san francisco native was the first person to report the hijacking calling to the ground from the crew telephone. betty aung is expected to reopen early next year in her name. >>> coming up next, the medical decision that steve jobs came to regret. startling revelations in his au
of us need to decide what we are going to do. if we want to tear down the fence, we will. >> reporter: in the plaza, they allowed the forced eviction and what they call brutal police tactics during last might's march. the mayor who was once a radical organizer said several assaults in the camp lead to her decision. >> it really deteriorated last week the tribune article about the man who was struck in the head with a two by four. for me there was an emotional end. >> there is a real potential that exists when we have the chance to be the real movie. to extend our anger into the outrage that exists all across the country. >> outside the crowd swelled to several hundred with his own friend and legal advisor distancing himself from her. >> i will tell you that i strongly advise her to allow the camp to continue. >> in a tug of war among the leaderless demonstrators, some began pushing in the fence while others tried to prevent it. but as night fell, the fence came down and a group trying to maintain order decided to at least stack the fence neatly. >> back live now and sky 7 looking at t
you here this monday. major new study casting doubt about the vitamins that so many of us take. >> up next. why researchers say that some supplement either do no good or may even potentially cause harm. >>> also. urgent medical drama unfolding at one of the most remote places on the planet. we have that story gentleman and nba cuts the season short because of that labor dispute. get the details all that coming up but then later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". 10-year-old fitness guru growing number of kids out there who are working out like adults. is it health healthy? >> plus oprah welcome rosie to her network and tonight we hear from both of them. ♪ [ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. n
>> we are here tonight because of scott olson. >> up oakland rally around u.s. marine injured in tuesday clash between protestors and police. >>> meantime the protestors are moving back into frank plaza and this time they have the mayor's blessing. good evening. >> after the violent clashes 2 nights ago the mayor and police have had a change of heart. >> they don't want another repeat of the spectacle that made national headlines and put a decorated veteran in the hospital. scott olson suffered a skull fracture hen hit by tear gas canister by police. he was critically injured but now improving. lillian is live in oakland where candle light vigil held in his honor tonight. lillian. >>reporter: scott olson has come a long way since tuesday. he is now in fair condition. others at tonight vigil spread the good news. >> we have an update on scott's condition. he is conscience. [applause]. >>reporter: hundreds of people gather at the plaza in oakland in honor of scott olson. 24-year-old iraq war veteran was hit in the head with a police projectile during tuesday night violent
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